Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Lo que pongo a continuación es un post de un blog vecino que se llama HISTORIAS DEL METRO.  Hoy en Misa el sacerdote decía que a una madre embarazada le cambia la cara, porque resplandece al ser instrumento de Dios para dar vida... en este testimonio se puede apreciar ese resplandor.

Llegué a mi Centro de Salud expectante.  
Me atendió mi doctora de Medicina General.  
“¿Qué te pasa?”.  
“Pues I'm pregnant. "
"Ah, you are not ill, very well."
Dr. began to fill a form with my data. Apparently, for the midwife. "Is it wanted?" He asked.
"Of course. Is not that a child always wanted? "I replied.
"No, trust," he said, speaking colloquially, as is done here in Asturias. And he smiled (probably located in a galaxy parallel).
gave me some papers and sent me to the midwife. While waiting my turn, I began to read. There, next to my name, was my "diagnosis", "unwanted pregnancy."
how many times I thought the form would "Unwanted Pregnancy."
If a pregnancy is actually a little baby developing in the womb, which could also write is "beautiful baby, blond guy, gentle and loving, junk." Or what is the same, but shorter and aseptic "Unwanted child." "Persona non grata" in the body of mother.
assimilate I wonder how your parents do not love you, you come wrong at the time because there is no time for you because your mother can not take on a responsibility like you ... I wonder how much pain you can reach suffer when one is not wanted in the more intimate and more unfortunate that you can have: your own family. I imagine some emotional damage bill would last a lifetime. I've seen people with less traumatic situations, be unable to lead a normal life, only by his lack of affection.
After a few minutes, I could go with the midwife. Being "wanted pregnancy", there were big questions.
"Is it your first?"
"No, the second."
"Ah, well, then you know what this is" ...
(only relatively, I thought. I feel so first-time as two years ago.)
"Should I take folic acid, right?" I asked.
"That had to have done so when planning your pregnancy, life, six or four months."
"I do not plan my pregnancies," replied a voice from beyond the grave. Was still a brutal dose of reality. I just need to say "My children are a gift from God, matronly lady." Maybe I was a coward. Maybe I did not force her to have to take a painkiller with such claim.
many people plan to have children and fails. Infuse life is not in our hands, despite appearances. Always respect all views, especially as far as children are concerned. But at the same time always struck me who plans to have a child, just after the plasma TV, the house decorated in a minimalist style and have been around the world. "And now what remains? Ah, having a child. "
Good for them. I prefer the charming chaos of having a family in distress, without much furniture, albeit with a lot of nerves "economic", but left in the hands of God. Many think that "this is going." And maybe they're right. Perhaps, it certainly was not the best time ... But I think, ultimately, will award. In any case, we are delighted with this new gift given to us.


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